Babes in Arms

Infants Up to 18 Months of Age

Babes in Arms is a program that offers babies and their accompanying caregiver a safe and warm social setting to be together, as well as interact with other parents and infants.  The close comfort of the parent provides security for baby to explore their senses and the social world.  Your baby will have the opportunity to freely play with simple, natural toys.  An experienced facilitator will encourage developmentally appropriate experiences for the children, including simple songs and seasonal verses parents can share and repeat with their baby. The facilitator will share many ways you can support and observe your child's development, and provide an informal introduction to a Waldorf-inspired approach to the early years of childhood, parenting, and education.  Light refreshments and craft/handwork projects will be made available.  Relax, and share in the nurturing, warm atmosphere.

not currently being offered